Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WM 6.1 SMTP Issues

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Ryan S. noted: “I have WM 6.1 and don't have this issue. Occasionally due to network hiccups I see that message in the screenshots, but I've it pop up on WM5, WM6, and WM6.1 devices. I don't believe the validity of this article.”

This is not just a bogus article. Microsoft has a formal fix and has recognized the problem in this Download Center page. If you haven't experienced it yet, you're lucky. My understanding is that it only started to take effect recently during perhaps an update of 6.1

In my case, every single time I synced, I could only download new messages - sent messages sayed in the Outbox and built up over time. I didn't even realize it for a month or two and was wondering why no one ever received my replies when I sent them from my phone.

I ended up re-creating the email account on my phone after applying this patch (all incoming and outgoing mail was lost on the phone - not on the server).

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