Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Thank You Letter to Congressman Massa

The following is a copy of a thank you letter I sent to Congressman Eric Massa (D-NY) for taking a stand against Time Warner's unfair and anti-competitive proposed bandwidth caps.

You can e-mail and thank Congressman Massa too

Congressman Massa,

I want to thank you for taking a stand for the people of Rochester. In particular I'd like to thank you for speaking out against Time Warner Cable's predatory bandwidth cap proposal.

In Rochester, modern users are consuming more and more data from the Internet as more and more services and products move online. Time Warner's move appears to be a thinly-veiled effort to lock customers out of competition and stay within TWC's own product offerings. The products TWC provides that are most under threat are digital phone (Voice over IP or VoIP), video on demand (such as Netflix), and even their flagship product television with sites like abc.com and hulu.com providing the same content in high definition for free online.

The excuses Time Warner has made are laughable at best when compared to other cities where Time Warner must actually compete for business. While Frontier does offer some broadband Internet access, they are no strangers to suggesting a cap and their DSL technology is an aging one that is rapidly losing pace to cable and fiber technologies. Even wireless broadband is expected to exceed some DSL speeds in the near future.

Frontier is not a viable long-term option. Rochester needs more cable and Internet competition to keep the prices reasonable.

Thank you again for hearing the painful cries of Time Warner Customers in Rochester and for taking a stand against these unfair and anti-competitive proposals.

Brion Swanson

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